Technology and Caregiving

I have just came back from the quick visit to Canada to be able to bring my 87 years old Mother to her home there. She lives alone within an apartment which has gradually progressed into a location where lots of seniors live, however that does not possess the designation (or services) that the senior living apartment complex might have.

As a result, there’s limited security, no monitoring, nobody assigned to determine the residents, no ease of access features which is quite a classic building. Actually, while my mother was visiting me, we received a study that her sliding clear glass door had fallen out to the balcony and shattered. Because it was resolute to not be the effect of a break-in, the manager from the apartment recommended it had become because of “a shifting from the building”.

Before you decide to ask, allow me to state that no, I possibly could not convince my mother to alter residences nor to reside with my sister or me. As numerous senior adults do, she would rather remain independent.

Getting spent the final 6 days together with her, I see the necessity to put some safety precautions into position if she’s to carry on to stay in her own current residence. Her thoughts are still sharp but she’s getting some balance issues and it has already “tripped more than a blanket” and bruised her ankle quite badly. Because there’s nobody who regularly checks around the residents, if she would fall and break a hip, she might lie there for several days without help.

There are lots of new technological advances available which make certain the security of the senior adult within their home.

You will find Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) which use a button that an individual can push in situation of emergency (a few of these systems will also be outfitted with fall detectors). You will find medication dispensing systems that may be loaded (with a care provider or member of the family) with as many as 60 doses of medicine and that will send audible reminders towards the senior adult that you’re ready to place their pills. You can even find elaborate home monitoring systems that have information which the off-ste caregiver can monitor through the interent. Scalping strategies can alert the caregiver if, for instance, the senior adult didn’t rise using their bed before a delegated time.

Based on articles within the New You are able to Occasions, titled “We’ve Got The Technology of Monitoring Seniors Relatives” dated This summer 28th, 2010, one particular product is being employed by Carol, who’s monitoring her 79 years old mother that has been disabled with a brain aneurysm.

The content mentioned that Carol receives mobile phone alerts each time a user-defined group of parameters is breached in her own mother’s nearby Daytona Beach, Fla., home.

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