Why prefer mobileAxept for donations and funding?

Making donations to the churches has become easier now with the introduction of the platforms like mobileAxept .This tool is completely focused on providing easy donation techniques with on time sending and receiving of messages to churches’ administrators and donors. Using this website, the users can comfortably send and receive messages regarding the payments of donations. This platform is very convenient and it’s a secure option for providing funds to churches.

Some of its features are as follows:

  1. Unique – it is a unique and digitalized solution which provides simple, quick and secure payments for donations via texts messages. The service providers have gone beyond the old techniques of making donations by enhancing the services, through which the donor can register and send the messages of donations. People need to remember the log-in details in order to login to the account for making the donation.
  2. Security – the information which the donor provides for making donations is fully encrypted and the payment processors of this tool make sure that the details regarding bank account by donors do not get shared at any other place. They keep in mind that the donations made by any individual will be known to be done by that individual only and other ministries do not get involved into it. They keep the management of merchant account transparent while donation procedure.
  3. Payments – this platform makes the budgeting process easier by including merchant gateway and fees of network processing at low monthly rates to avoid the confusion created due to processing network of actual payments. This platform provides a flat rate competitive credit card.
  4. Work with management system of donors – the service providers of this platform make donors feel glad on Sunday and make administrators feel glad on Monday as they keep a balanced management system for maintaining peace and harmony between donors and administrators.

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