Cost related to google advertising and AdWords

Google advertising or Adwords is one of the most powerful online marketing and promotion tools. But how much does a company has to spend to get the most out of Google AdWords and advertising? The answer will be different for everyone. The budget of big companies can go over 1000-5000 US dollars a month. But then, they already have the finances to make sure that they remain on the top. SO what about new or small business companies, Can they manage it too? The answer is yes. The average cost spent by small companies on Google Adwords and advertising is between 200-1000 US dollars. And you can even advertise on Google without any money or free. Yes!! There are methods provided by Google that can make you promote your company totally free. Let’s discuss more it.

Bid on Keywords for advertising.

If you are a little low on the budget unable to invest a big amount in Google Adwords and advertising, you can bid for a keyword. In these bidding, you can get the keywords at a lower price, depending upon the relevance and usage of keywords in Google search. Apart from this you can select the keyword, place your ad and pay in pay per click model or pay a fixed amount for a particular number of clicks. The way to design your advertising campaign and its payment will decide the price of Advertising with google adwords (โฆษณา google adwords ราคา which is the term in thai).

Can it be used for free

Yes, Google advertising can be used for free as well by simply signing up your company on Google Business. Once you do so, you can enjoy free google advertising. But do not expect the same result as you get in the paid version.

Louise Author