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Currently, it can be difficult for a business to stand out among others and generate more traffic to its website within the huge variety of options offered by the market. Although it can be somewhat complicated, there are digital marketing strategies whose effectiveness translates into an increase in web traffic and generation of customers committed to the brand.

If you are an entrepreneur trying to generate greater public attraction to your website and greater volume of customers to your business, then you should consider the option of an SEO specialist in Las Palmas joining your work team and helping you get that online marketing strategy that will boost your positioning in Google. From the seo company for small business   this is important now.

What is an SEO specialist?

An SEO specialist or consultant is a person who, through his professional training or his experience training in digital media, possesses the skills and abilities that allow him to make a previous analysis of his client’s website and detect those strategic points that must be changed or improve to attract more and better traffic of visits from potential customers and generate leads for the business.

In this case you are interested in positioning yourself quickly, so if you manage to position your website and monetize traffic for a while, it does not matter if in three months Google penalizes the web. Well, by then your activity period will have passed.

If on the contrary you have a company and you need stable results, your choice is the White Hat SEO.

White Hat SEO:

In short, white hat SEO practices consist of doing everything Google says. That is, offer quality content to your users, have an attractive, orderly , fast and user-friendly website , not for machines. This way you will get feedback and that your content moves through the network.

A good example is the page of Catering San Pablo, one client. Little by little, thanks to the patient and quality work we have achieved that this page is positioned first when looking for «catering for schools. If you take a look at the page you will realize that the information is sorted by sections and developed so that the user can get to know the company. In addition we have also included customer opinion, this means that there are people talking about catering and sharing their information. What is SEO, Catering San Pablo is a good example of SEO white hat.

Last Words

The most important thing is to know your potential client and generate content thinking about their needs. What doubts can you have? It is best to solve your doubts with original content and that differs from your competition. If you have known this article little by little, do not despair, next week we will tell you more things related to SEO, best practices to do it well and the best tools you can use. Although if you are impatient, you can read this article where wwe tell you how to improve your product sheets to gain visibility.


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