Avoid these 3 mistakes to rank higher in Google search engine in 2020

All the bloggers and digital marketers are racing for that number one spot on search engine rankings. It is not easy to rank yourself on the first page. You will have to work hard and it takes ample amount of time as well. If you really want to get Ranked in google search engine[ติดอันดับ google, which is the term in Thai] you must avoid making 3 most common mistakes done by a lot of blogger and digital marketers.

What are the 3 mistakes?

These mistakes are made mostly by beginners. Just avoid them and you will rank easily and quickly.

  • Posting irrelevant content – This mistake is made mostly by people who just want to rank fast. They post 50 articles a day but 90% of the content is totally irrelevant and does not grab the attention of targeted audience.
  • Do not research about competitors – This is also a mistake done by beginners. If you research your competitors who are already on the first page, you can find a lot of valuable data from them.
  • Do not invest in ad campaigns – Most of the beginners think that they could rank themselves just with the SEO and they should not invest in marketing campaigns to save money. Another big mistake.

What should one do to rank better?

Just do the opposite of these mistakes and you will find it easier to rank.

  • Post relevant content. Your content must contain some new information or a trick that could make people’s work easier in your niche.
  • Research about your competitors and find out what is working for them. Apply those same methods to generate more traffic.
  • Invest in ads so you could generate more traffic. More traffic could help you rank higher as well.

Just apply these 3 methods and avoid those 3 mistakes to rank yourself on first page.


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