The Biggest Benefits of Regular Penetration Testing

Investing in regular penetration testing is essential for security. This is a crucial practice that provides organizations with insight into all types of actual threats to security. When implemented as just a portion of a company’s routine security checks, penetration tests allow business owners and organization managers to find any gaps in security before a hacker or another criminal does by exploiting the vulnerabilities. The testing organization then offers steps to remediate the problem.

When it comes to penetration testing services, there’s no question the pros outweigh the cons. Keep reading to learn what some of the specific benefits of this are.

Find and Prioritize Risks

With regular penetration testing, an organization can evaluate web applications along with its external and internal network security. It also helps an organization understand what security controls are needed to achieve the level of security required to protect the company’s assets and confidential data. By prioritizing these risks, an organization can anticipate what may happen and prevent malicious attacks from occurring.

Prevent Hackers from Getting into Sensitive Systems

A penetration hack is similar to preparing for a hack by a real-life hacker. With regular penetration testing, an organization will be proactive in the real-world efforts they use to evaluate IT infrastructure security. The process will uncover holes in the security and provide a chance for the company to remediate any shortcomings before real attacks occur.

Mature the Environment

Continuing to mature the business’s security posture in the organization’s environment is a good way to keep a competitive advantage against other organizations in the industry. Not only does this show clients that compliance and information security are top concerns, but also that the company is continually working to ensure optimum security.

Avoid Loss of Business Operability and Expensive Data Breaches

Attempting to recover from the aftermath of a data breach is expensive. Discouraged customers, losses in sales, customer protection programs, IT remediation, and legal fees can add up to millions of dollars or more. By investing in penetration tests regularly, it is possible to stay on top of security issues and prevent the financial losses that may occur with a breach, all while protecting a business’s reputation and brand.

Comply with Industry Regulations and Standards

With penetration testing, it is possible to address the security and compliance obligations that have been mandated by various agencies, including ISO 27001, FISMA, HIPAA, and PCA. With these tests conducted regularly, a company is demonstrating their due diligence and their dedication to ongoing information security. All this is done along with helping the company avoid the significant fines that may be associated with non-compliance.

If a company is not undergoing regular penetration tests, now is the time to change this. The first step in this process is simple. All a person must do is to find a certified penetration testing pro and, with their help, decide which of the pen tests are right for the organization. The professionals will help to ensure that the right tests are done and that the company is secure.


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