Highlights On Construction 4.0

Construction 4.0 is a new concept, born in the wake of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the so-called Industry 4.0, and which has recently spread in the construction sector as a window of opportunity to carry out the pending transformation that this sector is coming needing for years.

Before delving into issues more related to new technologies, Construction 4.0 starts from a necessary, although not sufficient, premise that focuses on the industrialization of its processes. In this regard, conceptualizing construction as a manufacturing industry is decisive for achieving a successful approach towards an Industry 4.0 approach. See the works as factories and the constructive processes as productive processes that industrialize to later incorporate technologies that are already the reason for substantial improvements in other sectors with a more manufacturing tradition.

There are well-founded studies  on the application of construction 4.0 that assure that construction could increase by 5, or even by 10, its productivity if it acquires a production style similar to that of the manufacturing industry and makes its technological transition towards automation and the use of data. Therefore, Construction 4.0 pivots on two pillars, the industrialization of construction processes and the incorporation of emerging technologies.We are on the verge of pending transformation for the construction sector that will be industrial and digital, or it will not be. Construction 4.0 thrives on five precepts, we shall look into them shortly.

5 Precepts Of Construction 4.0.

  • The interoperability of human and material resources through the use of IoT,motion control, cloud computing and robotics.
  • The virtualization of construction processes to improve them.
  • Decentralization of decision-making through the use of real-time information.
  • A clear orientation for customer service giving it prominence in all phases of a work.
  • Modularity to maximize flexibility on site response.

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