Benefits of Making the Switch to Fiber Optic Internet

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Fiber optic internet has been rising in popularity among both business owners and homeowners as the prices of implementing this technology continue to fall. Not all property owners have come around yet, though. Those who are still on the fence about installing fiber internet can read on to learn about a few benefits of making the switch that might help change their minds.

Incredible Speeds

Fiber optic internet operates 10 to 20 times faster than cable connections. With 1 Gbps speeds, fiber internet users can upload and download large data files and videos, stream music or movies on multiple devices, and play video games without worrying about lag times. This makes it a worthwhile switch for both businesses and households.

Secure Connections

Both wireless and cable internet connections can be hacked. Fiber networks don’t produce signals, though, so they’re next to impossible to hack into. Given the increased frequency of cyberattacks in recent years, that’s a huge step in the right direction. Business owners and consumers will still need to take other steps to protect their sensitive data, such as using file encryption and strong passwords, but they’ll at least have a sturdy foundation for any cybersecurity system they want to put in place.

Improved Reliability

Slow connections reduce reliability. For most consumers, that just means having to stop in the middle of their favorite movies. For business owners, it can mean losing important clients after botched video meetings, or worse. Since fiber Internet is much faster than cable connections, it’s also more reliable. Plus, it doesn’t require energized lines, so it’s far less likely to outages. If the fiber optic cable stays intact, users who have access to backup power can even get online during municipal grid outages.

No Throttling

Bandwidth throttling occurs when local Internet customers are all getting online at the same time. It’s designed to prevent outages, but it can cause just as many problems as it solves since throttling the connections can lower cable speeds to unacceptable rates. Fiber optic lines are less susceptible to overloading, so there’s no need for throttling connections.

Great for Gaming

Considering switching to fiber optic internet for home use? If anyone in the house is an avid gamer, he or she will definitely be pleased to hear it. Fiber optic internet is like the holy grail of gaming connections. It provides a level of consistency that can’t be matched by cable internet, offering gamers a competitive edge. Even a tiny hiccup in a DSL or cable connection can leave gamers fuming over illegitimate losses. Fiber internet will never cause that problem.

Ease of Maintenance

Fiber Internet is much less prone to outages. That doesn’t mean it will never experience a single problem, but homeowners and business owners who make the switch to fiber optics will have an easier time resolving their issues with practices like fiber optic cable testing. Visit to learn more about this practice.

Make the Switch Today

Ready to make the switch to fiber optics? That’s a wise choice. Just make sure to choose a reliable service provider and look into options now for ongoing maintenance.


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