Beginners Must Understand Primary Aspects to Begin in Call of Duty: Warzone

Guide Introduction and Overview

Call of Duty: warzone is a free video game, and it is all about live battles. The game is developed for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It is published by Activision, and the gameplay allows live multiplayer battles among 150 worldwide players. Different kinds of battle modes are available, and you can easily get connected to our friends also. If you are interested in battle games, then you can download it on the official game website.

Missions and challenges are a big thing in combat games, and you can meet with deadly heroes. Lots of suits and outfits are present to design your heroes. The looks of the hero are strong and sharp, which gives us an impressive experience. Enhance your performance by choosing the Warzone aimbot tool, and it is working on your shooting skills. Newcomers should go with proper guides and details to start perfectly in the game.

Complete downloading and installation

Always find a full file of the game, and it is freely available on different websites. After downloading it, we have to focus on the installation part. It is important for everyone and waits for a few minutes to finish the process. Select a free space to install and the player should not skip basic requirements.

Create your profile

A user id is for membership in the game, and by that, anyone can easily find out in the game network. Making the right profile is easy for everyone, so the player can add several personal details. Fill in a full name, age, gender, and mobile number. The player should be young enough to join the game because it is not for kids. In which we will see wired content, and it is not suitable for children.

Pick your playing mode

In the game, two playing modes are available, and here the name is plunder and battle royal.  Both modes are enjoyable, but the battle royal is common for all. You survive in remote land with 150 players, and if anyone stays alone at the end of the match, then he is a winner. Survival is only possible to manage resources and defeat all active players. For playing well, we can also team up some players and get more benefits.

Navigate in a large map

Moving to different locations is only possible with a map. One shrinking circle is also placed for increasing the interest of players. The map shows your current locations and footprints of rivals. You will familiar with handy controls. Various base stations are for us, and the player can buy them with a nice amount of cash.

Obtain prime currency

COD points and battle pass are the basic currency for all types of tasks. It is an unavoidable currency, and by that, we can increase our ranking in the leading board. Dominate rivals by your performance with advanced rewards. If you are worried about performance, then you can add the Warzone aimbot tool. It provides us 100% positive results in a short time.


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