5 Reasons You Need a VPN to Hide Your IP Address

5 reasons you need a VPN (even if you're not very tech-savvy)

Most if not all of you would have heard about VPNs and how they give you the ability to hide your IP address but some of you will be wondering what the point is. Why do we even need to think about hiding our IP addresses? Why is using VPNs so important to some people?

Well, we can tell you exactly why so many people are jumping on the VPN bandwagon and looking to keep their online identity as private as possible. There are numerous reasons as to why but you’ll find most of them covered in our 5 reasons you need a VPN to hide you need to hide your IP address below.

What is a VPN?

Well, a VPN is otherwise called a virtual private network that you can use to mask your IP address. Essentially, using a secure tunnel created between your computer and another network, a VPN will allow users and their data to be anonymous when using the internet.

Now that you understand the basics of what a VPN actually is, let’s take a look at five major reasons why you would use one. 

Keep Your Online Activity Private

Governments, ISPs, agencies, corporations, and anyone else that is interested in what you’re doing online will be able to track exactly what you’re doing online when you’re not using a VPN. The internet is far from private and thus, if you do not want targeted ads, your data being sold, or simply want to have the peace of mind that you’re surfing the net privately, you really should consider using a VPN.

To Get Around Geo-Blocks

Most of you will have wanted to watch a video, movie, or some other kind of video content online only to find out that it is geo-blocked for your current location. With a VPN you will be able to get around these geo-restrictions most of the time and enjoy the content as if you were in the country it was provided for.

Netflix, is one service that has geo-restrictions, so if you are wondering come vedere netflix usa, or how to watch the US region of Netflix, a VPN is your answer.  

To Improve Your Security on Wi-Fi Hotspots

If you have ever used Wi-Fi hotspots when out and about, you’ll know just how handy they can be. The problem is, is that most of the time the security is lacking on these connections and they are a prime target for hackers who will know just how to get at your personal information. It is always recommended to use a VPN when using these hotspots.

Download Torrents Safely

Not everybody downloads torrents due to the grey areas regarding the legality of doing so but some of you will. If you wanted to make sure that you have an extra layer of security and privacy when downloading these files, then a VPN is your best option.

Good for Gaming

Some VPNs can actually give you a far better gaming experience than simply using the existing internet. Special servers set up around the world could actually give you better speeds, ping, and stability when playing your favourite online games. There are a few VPN providers which specialize in gaming, so be sure to have a look around for them. 


VPNs are more widely used than you might have thought which can be evidenced by the sheer number of VPN providers that there are. The best part is that most of them do not cost too much on a monthly basis while you will even find some that are free. Just be a little careful with the latter, however, as these are known for not being as good as the paid versions.


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