Tips On How To Stop Digital Piracy

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Content creation hasn’t exactly been one of the easiest things to do; however, many people show interest each day. With the influx of people comes other problems, such as piracy concerns, creating fear in content owners’ hearts.

Over the years, digital piracy has gone from worse to good. The only reason why that has happened is that there are new strategies to protect materials – media, audio, eBooks, etc., from being pirated. Asides from that, there is also the anti-piracy protection policy.

This article, however, dwells on the tips to stop digital piracy.


4 Ways to Stop Digital Piracy

  1. Offer a Good Price

A significant reason why most consumers go for pirated content is that they are sure they would find it cheaper without incentives. However, you can decide to use that to your advantage if you want your material to stop being pirated. You can remove incentives on the material and offer at a fair price. In any way, the quality and user experience of digital content shouldn’t be compromised.

  1. Get People Educated

Not many people are aware of the dangers of downloading a pirated content. First, it is illegal; hence, a crime punishable by law. Secondly, let them know that they are exposed to cyberattacks via log-in credentials sharing on downloading the material. However, some consumers might choose to stop and go for the ideal with proper education on the risks.

  1. Use Technology

There are ways you can use technology to your advantage if your content is being pirated. The best way to do that is to act as an illegal consumer to find websites or platforms that upload pirated content; it could either be by using search engines or social networks. Once you find where to take quick legal actions to ensure the content is pulled down.

  1. Enforce the Law

TV Service Producers can enforce the law on pirated content. It is only possible to do this after identifying the responsible platforms. This counteraction often comes as take-down notices in real-time messages. In the process, consumers that are using these illegal platforms can be redirected to a legitimate source with the help of the right authorities. However, it takes time for this method to work.


The truth is: content owners may never be able to stop content piracy in the digital world; however, these tips should work to curb the menace to a certain level. Therefore, instead of stopping piracy, what you can do is mitigate against it.



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