If you are looking for a job, you must consider creating a resume first. Resume serves as your advertisement in the company you wish to be part of. It will serve as your weapon in getting that dream job. Hence, it really is important to set up a great curriculum vitae in order to leave a good impression to your employer. There can be many ways in making a good resume in which resume samples are also of great help. It will guide you on how to properly make one that can stand-out among the rest.

But before you create a resume, it should also be noted that you must know first its different types. You need to have a better understanding on each type to be able to know which one to use. Therefore, we will discuss in this article the standard types of resume together with its advantages and disadvantages in order to help you get that job.

There are actually three main types of resume which are as follows:

  • Chronological Resume – is the most used format by employers because it focuses on person’s work history which are listed in a reverse chronological order.



  • It is useful in applying with the same industry as your recent work experiences.
  • It can save your employer’s time since they are more likely to just read your recent careers or work history.


  • Gaps on your employment history will be very obvious.
  • Your employer will be more concerned with your career path especially if you had a lot of career shifts.


  • Functional Resume – this type of resume highlights your skills and achievements rather than your setting up a chronological order regarding your work history. Job experiences will however be listed under your skills or qualifications.



  • If you want to transfer from one industry to another, this will help your recruiter see your relevant skills.
  • If you usually change careers, this format will help you build a good impression to your employer since they will see the skills you can offer in general rather than focusing on your work history.





  • Having low experience might be a hassle in emphasizing your achievements.
  • This format won’t stress your work history so if you have a solid work experience then you might just consider using the chronological resume.


  • Combination Resume – is the mix of chronological and functional curriculum vitae. The top of your resume will highlight your skills and credentials which will be followed by the chronological order of your work history.



  • If you have both solid job experience with many achievements then this type is most suited for you to highlight all the skills relevant to the position you’re aiming.


  • Since it has both chronological and functional then this format makes your resume lengthier.
  • Because of its length, it may result in having your remaining CV unread.
  • This type is not recommended to those applicants with little experience and have employment gaps.

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